Giving Back To Our Trails

For the second year of the #Gone2Gone challenge, we’re stoked that thousands of runners already signed up, but we recognize that our trails are going to see a lot of foot traffic during these months!

Getting out there on the mountain and using the beautiful trails is a privilege. At Gone., our ethos is to live outdoors, serve the community and preserve the environment. We want to give back to the people who are doing the hard work behind-the-scenes to make sure we can enjoy these trails everyday.

Before and after photo of trail clearing by SANParks Honorary Rangers. Before photo on the left and after photo on the right.
Before and after trail maintenance work by SANParks Honorary Rangers. 

We would like to ask our #Gone2Gone community to donate to the SANParks Honorary Rangers who are volunteers that help to look after these trails in the Table Mountain National Park.

Your donations will help raise funds for some new trail maintenance equipment for the SANParks Honorary Rangers that will be used for year-round trail maintenance.

Trail maintenance by SANParks Honorary Rangers

Please donate directly to the following account:
Bank: Nedbank
Account Name: SANParks Honorary Rangers
Account Number: 1585 392 448
Branch code: 158550
Reference: TMNP Trails

To find out more about the SANParks Honorary Rangers, please visit

A little goes a long way and we thank you for your support.

Gone. Outdoor Supply Co.
Live. Serve. Preserve.

SANParks Honorary Rangers