Meet the Team | Grant Cleghorn
What is your name & surname?
Grant Cleghorn

What is your current role at Gone?
They call me the boss man

What is your Instagram username?

What's your favourite sport - climbing / surfing / trail running ?
  • Favourite trail? A loop around the dams on a weekday. It’s always magical up there. Hard to believe you are in the middle of Cape Town.
  • Anything you are training for at the moment? Hout Bay Challenge
  • Dream trail running destination? Would love to explore New Zealand on foot.

Grant Cleghorn, Founder of Gone Outdoor

What is your favourite piece of Patagonia gear?
R1 all the way. It like my security blanket. I take it everywhere.

What’s the one thing you think that people don’t know about the Patagonia brand?
People are always blown away to learn that We will repair any Patagonia products any time and free of charge. No matter what’s happened to it.

Your favourite weekend escape / micro-adventure?
Bainskloof is magic. I have a lot of happy memories there.

What is your ultimate /dream outdoor-adventure trip?
Heliskiing in Kamchatka. You can ski from the top of an active volcano directly down to the ocean.

What is the last photo you took on your phone?
A selfie of myself in a “Pangolin” t-shirt which I took boarding my flight up to Joburg to meet with the African Pangolin Working Group. I sent it to them so that they would know who to look for when we met later that day.

Grant Cleghorn, Founder of Gone Outdoor

Cat or Dog person?
I’m a dog lover who owns 2 cats.

Share a description of your favorite material object that you already own?
We have an amazingly comfortable bed at home.

Do you have a hidden talent? What is it?
It’s not really a hidden talent, it’s just that not many people in South Africa get to do this. I’m a really good skier. I worked for quite a few years as a ski instructor.

What is your favorite documentary?
I’ve been watching Losers on Netflix. It documents some of sporting histories “runner ups “. What I love is that , their coming second is generally regarded as a tragedy in the press, but in the end it doesn’t really matter at all. They all go on to live fulfilled lives and love what they do.

If you could put anything on a billboard, what would you write?
Smile if you just farted.

Grant Cleghorn, Founder of Gone Outdoor