Meet the Team | Jamey Rodda

What is your name & surname?
Jamey Rodda

What is your current role at Gone? 
Store Manager and Head of Repairs / Worn Wear 

What lead you to working at Gone?
My interest in sustainable fashion.

What is your Instagram username?

What's your favourite sport - climbing / surfing / trail running ? 

- boulder / trad / sport?  My preferred type of climbing is sport climbing, mainly because its the best way of experiencing the outdoors and getting into the mountains. I love all the gear and the activity of it. I also absolutely love bouldering, but more as a means to keep fit and strong, to learn better technique and for the social aspect it has.

- favourite route?  Most of the climbs at the Steeple crag in Montagu.

What is your favourite piece of Patagonia gear?
The R1 technical fleece. I am someone who is really sensitive to the cold, and the R1 is a technical fleece that has the ultimate insulating properties and can easily fit into anything as its super lightweight. It's also something quite unique to Patagonia.

What’s the one thing you think that people don’t know about the Patagonia brand? 
That we repair any Patagonia item for no charge, and if we cant repair the item we replace it! Probably also that Patagonia is completely sustainable and makes everything from renewable/recycled resources. They also contribute 1% of their annual  profits to a grass-root organisation of their choice.

Your favourite weekend escape / micro-adventure? 
A weekend camping under the stars, spending the day rock climbing, swimming 

Share a description of your favourite material object that you already own? 
My slack-line. It's also an amazing way to get outside, keeps you active, great training for climbing and yoga, and its also a nice way to spend an afternoon getting some fresh air and sunshine.

Do you have a hidden talent? What is it?
I can reach all the things on the top shelf 

What is your favourite documentary?
The True Cost. It's a documentary about the fast fashion industry and how its effecting and contributing to climate change and the lives of many factory workers. Its very informative, eye-opening and inspiring!


  • Cats or dogs? Both! They both have different advantages and a perfect world has all the animals :)
  • Shopify or iTunes? Spotify!
  • Oceans or mountains? That's just unfair! Probably mountains so that i could climb them, but i definitely need some regular ocean therapy :)
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be fulfilled and happy knowing i am contributing to a good cause by doing something that i love spending every day doing, hopefully making and designing rad sustainable clothing and gear to use for all my outdoor adventures/
  • If you could have an unlimited storage of one thing, what would it be? Almond milk cappuccinos >.<