All of our board shorts are now made with Fair Trade Certified sewing.

We're Out to Change the Industry.

Supporting workers and promoting transparency in the supply chain, Patagonia's full line of board shorts are now made with Fair Trade Certified sewing. It means that for every piece made, we pay a premium that workers can use to elevate their standard of living. To earn the certification, factories must also adhere to a strict of standards for safe working conditions and environmental responsibility.

We might all  be familiar with Fair Trade Certified products from coffee or chocolate we have enjoyed. Patagonia are leading the charge in the apparel industry and are now the leading contributors to the Fair Trade movement.

Patagonia have invested both staff resources and financial support to helping a record number of factories become Fair Trade Certified. Now, if any other company wants to make Fair Trade certified clothing, and agrees to pay the premium, they can go to any one of these certified factories and simply order Fair Trade made products without doing all the preliminary work of helping the factory become certified.

Read more about Patagonia's involvement with Fair Trade on their blog - The Cleanest Line.

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