Sandfish and the Quest for Spawning

Saving Sandfish is a conservation project and web series produced by Otto Whitehead and Jem Shelton, which chronicles the highs and the lows of conserving one of South Africa's most threatened large-bodied fish. The series explores the diverse freshwater ecosystems of the Greater Cederberg Region and profiles the passionate scientists, conservationists and land-owners helping to save the iconic Onderbekvis from extinction.

The guys were fortunate to be in the Biedouw Valley when the Sandfish arrived in their quest for spawning!

Watch it all go down in Episode 4.

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The project is led by the Freshwater Research Centre, in partnership with the Endangered Wildlife Trust, the Fynbos Fish Trust, CapeNature and the Northern Cape Department of Environment and Nature Conservation.

Funded by the National Geographic Society, Mohammed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund.