The Privilege of Movement

The Privilege of Movement Film Festival is a celebration of our ability and love to move freely in natural spaces. It also recognises the hard reality that the greatest threat facing the planet today is lack of biodiversity, and biodiversity is dependent on freedom of movement for all species.

The legends behind this upcoming film festival, Damien Schumann and Clyde Berning, through exploration and education hope to manifest a culture that values the environment better, and hence encourages a more conscious interaction with it.

Privilege of Movement Film Festival Poster

The festival is in support of the Eden To Addo Corridor Initiative. Due to fragmentation of the biomes there is thought to be only one free roaming elephant, left hiding in the Knysna Forests. The elephant is a keystone species and path maker. Without biodiversity species are forced into inbreeding and all variety is lost, which is essential for evolution and homeostasis. But this requires movement. By opening corridors we can potentially reunite the last free roaming elephant of Knysna with her herd in Addo, and in so doing open the route to all species of animals, plants and insects and keep their existence rich.

Three incredible films will be screened every night from 30 September to 2 October at the Hillcrest Quarry.

Unfold tells the story of Damien Schumann's breathtaking travers of the Cape Fold Mountains.

The Privilege of Movement follows Damien Schumann and Clyde Berning running the ancient elephant migration route to raise awareness for the Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative.

Rolling Mountains - North America is the sixth episode in the series following Ragna Debats and Pere Aurell on their ultimate trail running roadtrip, directed by Damien Schumann.

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