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and lovin' it.

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At Gone we sell the highest quality outdoor gear designed for the environment that you consider your office. We understand that as a mountain guide, yoga instructor, soul surfer, environmentalist or general dirtbag your passion for what you do is probably not reflected on your bank statement. We love what you're doing and if you love our gear then apply to join our dirtbag program.

Who should apply?
Individuals engaged full time in not for profit environmental work, climbers, trail runners, mountaineers, surfers, yoga instructors or other similar pursuits.

How do I apply?
Send an e-mail to detailing:
- Name
- Occupation (or lack thereof)
- Sport
- Some proof of what you do: If you are on social media, please let us know who you are on Instagram or Facebook. If you're a member of a professional organization, proof thereof etc.

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How does the program work?
- If your application is successful, you will be issued a discount code (via e-mail) for our website, you can enter this discount at checkout.
- The success of your application is by absolutely discretionary, as is the value and applicability of the discount.
- We're also open to some good old fashioned bartering, so maybe you can suggest a service you could offer us in return.

Can I use my dirtbag code for a gift?
No. Codes are for dirtbags. If your partner, mom, dad, kids, or mate is a dirtbag s/he is welcome to apply her/himself.

Can products purchased on the program be returned.
Yes. Goods can be returned to our store or via post ( you pay for postage). Normal return policies apply.

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Are products purchased on the dirtbag program under warranty?
Yes. Our garments are designed to function in the environment you work in but taking into account that you may subject the garment to a higher level of wear and tear than a regular user. We will always help facilitate repair of garments subjected to normal wear and tear.