Gone Outdoor Supply Co is the exclusive stockist of Patagonia in South Africa. We opened our doors in August 2017 and it has been a wild ride since. Our store is in Cape Town (173 Longmarket Street). 

Gone Outdoor store in Cape Town, the exclusive stockist of Patagonia


Remember those days when we shopped a handful of times a year, and whatever was bought, had to last for multiple seasons? Years even - since we passed down our goods. And when it broke or ripped, we repaired it?

We now find ourselves in interesting times. The world of fast-fashion and fast-tech has transformed many of us into consumers of things, goods, apparel, tech. Through our presence here in South Africa, we want to reverse this trend and turn consumers back into customers. Customers with an appreciation for the garment, it’s story, and it’s longevity.

For us, there’s a thread that connects us to our customers, communities and like-minded people around the world - that we’re all motivated to create a legacy of appreciation and caring for the world we live in, the people around us, the environment and animals. It’s a decision that is not always easy, especially in this day in age. But, it’s a decision that’s become a way of life.

Gone Outdoor Patagonia Stockist South Africa


We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet, meaning that we donate 1% of everything we earn to local environmental causes. To learn more about this program, visit our Give Till It's Gone, page. 

Live Outdoors. Serve our community. Preserve the environment.

Live serve preserve 

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