We are proud members of 1% For The Planet.

Businesses have more responsibility than to just maximize profit - they have a responsibility to the planet (as we all do). Therefore, we have pledged to donate 1% of everything we earn to local, environmental causes.

This is  our tithe to the planet. No hidden clauses. No terms and conditions attached.

How we raise funds

1% of all our sales are set aside.

Who can apply for funding

Registered NPO and NGO organizations in South Africa can apply for funding.

We support grassroots organisations whose objective fits one of the following categories: 

  • Restoration of indigenous Fynbos habitat and rivers
  • Renewable energy and water conservation
  • Protection of critical land and marine habitats.
  • Supporting local organic and sustainable agriculture
  • Inspiring and developing the next generation of environmental custodians

How do I apply for funding

e-mail grant@goneoutdoor.com with  a one page description that includes:

  • Your organizations objectives
  • How you measure your success
  • Who the people are that are involved 

We will be in touch to follow up.

It's not about the money

We are not able to support every initiative financially, but we'd still love to help however we can.  Get in touch with us, maybe we can help to connect you with like-minded people, raise awareness , host an event or just send positive vibrations in your general direction.

Organisations we support