Champion Long-Sleeved T-Shirt

Protect the West Coast
R 695.00
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The Champion long sleeve Tee from our Protector series is a limited edition wearable masterpiece that features exclusive custom artwork by renowned Cape Town artist Mike Sherman, who created it exclusively for Protect The West Coast.

Featuring a traditional crew neck cut that never goes out of style, the Champion features a snug fit and sleek design, created for comfort and casual convenience. It comes in two options: 100% combed cotton (140g) full colours, and 60/40 combed poly cotton (140g) for black. Proudly South African, it is knitted in Atlantis (full colours) and Durban (melanges), and meticulously printed in Cape Town. Become a Protector of the West Coast and elevate your wardrobe with this emblem of style, comfort, and local pride. All proceeds go to support the work of Protect The West Coast.


Product detail

  • Protector right chest logo on the front and custom Mike Sherman artwork on the back
  • Unisex
  • Classic long sleeve T with crew neck

100% 140g combed cotton (full colours) and 60/40 140g combed poly cotton (black), with low carbon footprint

Size Guide
  • Extra Small Half Chest 44 cm Front Body Length 70 cm
  • Small Half Chest 47.5 cm Front Body Length 72 cm
  • Medium Half Chest 50 cm Front Body Length 75 cm Large
  • Half Chest 53.5 cm Front Body Length 76 cm
  • Extra Large Half Chest 56 cm Front Body Length 80 cm
  • Extra Extra Large Half Chest 59 cm Front Body Length 85 cm