Table Mountain

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This highly detailed map shows all approved paths on the mountain and includes full GPS information. The map shows the Hoerikwaggo and the People’s Trail, and covers the area from Signal Hill to Devil’s Peak and Llandudno to Constantia Nek and the Vlakkenberg Plateau. This is the only map of the mountain endorsed by the Table Mountain National Park, and approved by the Mountain Club of South Africa.


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  • Slingsby maps are the best! Thanks to the maps we had the best time of our lives hiking around without worries. The trails are as described and the maps are so accurate, they give one a sense of security. Beautiful jobs! Save yourself a lot of troubles and headaches by ordering and buying the Slingsby maps. – Brigitte Cohn, USA
  • Distances and estimated times shown for all paths above the Contour Path or Pipe Track; Long/Lat grid at 10" intervals as well as the 200 metre square UTM grid; Completely revised vegetation distribution.