Meet the Joburg Store Manager: Luke Robberts

Meet the Joburg Store Manager:  Luke Robberts

Since you'll be seeing more and more of Luke now that we have a store up in Joburg - we sat down for a quick QnA. So, without further ado...Meet Luke!

Gone: Favourite piece of Patagonia clothing?

Luke: My Patagonia flannel for sure. Most versatile piece of clothing I have.

G: What's your favourite sport:
L: Trail running has to be! But climbing is rapidly approaching center stage.

G: Favourite climbing route?
L: I’m just getting back into climbing, so sport is where I am at now. The plan is to progress on to trad in the upcoming years.

G: Dream climbing destination?
L: Nothing right now but mixed climbing in the Himalayas looks really rad

G: Favourite trail to run?
L: Giba Gorge, Natal.

G: Anything you are training for at the moment?
L: No real races on my radar but some big mountain runs planned for the upcoming months!

G: Dream trail running destination?
L: Jungle or mountains, South America or Europe. Would love to go running in both places.

Meet Luke Robberts

G: Surfsup?
L: sold my longboard last year when I moved to Joburg… the waves don’t really cook up here 😉 Favourite break is Ponta do Oura in Mozam.

G: Dream surfing destination?
L: Any place where I don’t have to don a wetsuit!

G: What's the one thing people in CPT don't know about Joburg?
L: You don’t need to look at the mountain to figure out where you are going. Hahaha!

G: What is the last photo you took on your phone? Be honest!
L: Brutal! Haha. It was of my coffee at Bean There Café

G: Cat or Dog person?
L: Dog person for sure.

G: Are you single?
L: Hahaha single… unfortunately?

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