Submitted by:
Carl van der Linde

Where is your MicroAdventure located?
Western Cape

How long is the MicroAdventure in total, out and back?
48 Hours

Give the people a short description of your MicroAdventure.
Pack your bags and camping equipment and drive north up the West Coast road from Cape Town and make your way to the beautiful town of Elands Bay. Enjoy a weekend of never ending summer sunsets and and peaceful isolation.

How do you get to the start? Please share some directions.
Look and you shall find, Elands Bay caravan park against the coast in town.

How much did it cost (per person)?
R0 - R250 per person

Best time to go?
November to March

A quick note about safety. Can you do it solo? Do you need a crew?
The West Coast is always generally safe but traveling with a crew makes it any situation better.

What sport is this adventure most related to?
Surfing, Beer drinking, Kayaking / Rowing

Do you need any special permissions / permits?

How difficult is the MicroAdventure?

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