Radio Beach Short - Sale

Mami Wata
R 499.00 R 999.00
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A powerful symbol of connection, communication, music and imagination – the battery-powered radio still plays a very important role in Africa.

The Mami Wata Radio beach shorts, with an embroidered logo on the front, are made with a cotton-rich fabric, and a touch of spandex to give it stretch. The African Cotton gives these shorts a natural feel, and the stretch means they have the flexibility for surfing, running and other action. The range has an elasticated waist and a classic mid-length cut. They also have a handy key fob in the back pocket.

NOTE! These shorts are made from a natural material and will fade. If you go for a swim in a chlorinated pool, please rinse the shorts after and don’t leave them to dry in the sun. The chlorine will make them fade faster.