Submitted by:
Francois Malherbe

Where is your MicroAdventure located?
Matroosberg, Western Cape

How long is the MicroAdventure in total, out and back?
From the Gone. store to the reception of the Matroosberg private reserve, you will drive about 175km which will take you about 2,5 / 3 hours. If you opt for an overnight stay at the ski hut, you can have the fire burning by 20:30.

Give the people a short description of your MicroAdventure.
There are two options to choose from for a MicroAdventure, or you can combine both for some weekend epicness. The first would be to spend a night at the ski hut ( It's really not that expensive, and gives you a very cosy alpine-hut feel. It has all the basics you need, so you don't have to worry about bringing cutlery, mattresses, gas and so on. It has an open plan sleeping area with stunning views. From the hut, you can go on a couple of hiking trails- but the one you want to do is to the summit... The summit sits at 2249m, second highest peak in the Western Cape.

If camping is your thing, there are two campsites to choose from. The 'private camp site' is very basic, with only one bathroom, but the 'dennebos campsite' has shared bathrooms with hot water showers and flush toilets. I used this a couple of times as base camp for some summit expeditions, where we then sleep with tents just underneath the summit. It will take you about 5 hours to summit form the campsite. The views from Groothoek kloof are amazing.

How do you get to the start? Please share some directions.

How much did it cost (per person)?
R250 - R500 per person

Best time to go?
For the brave, winter! Good chance of snow, otherwise, all year round is great.

A quick note about safety. Can you do it solo? Do you need a crew?
Best to do it with a crew, but can be done solo. Be careful of the 1000m drops when you get the the Groothoek Kloof viewpoint.

What sport is this adventure most related to?
Hiking, Trail Running

Do you need any special permissions / permits?

How difficult is the MicroAdventure?

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